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We live in critical times.

By that I mean that our nation and our culture is fighting for its life.

The current "election is not a choice between two men or even two parties - it is a choice between two kinds of American Governments: the one we were founded under and the one that we are floundering under".

The original is a tried and proven form of government that was so successful that it was copied by all but six of the governments of the world and resulted in the most incredible improvement ever seen in the history of the world.

The "fundamental change" that Obama is in the process of imposing upon us is nothing but one more of numerous attempts to make socialism work.

Socialism is a failure formula that has never worked and has failed or is in the process of failing every time it has ever been implemented.

It will destroy our nation and the freedoms our founders bought with their blood and if we lose this battle, our freedoms will not be restored for generations to come and would require the spilling of more blood.

Our founders put in place a means for us to preserve our country without bloodshed. It is as simple as entering the voting booth and voting for the representatives that believe in the original government formed by the founders.

The presidential team that supports our heritage - is the Romney/Ryan team.

Keep in mind that our states also have rights and if we do not continually fight to maintain our states' rights, we also lose the battle. Vote for the representatives that can best help your state restore and maintain state's rights.

This blog was created to share information that will provide important details about current issues that are affecting our nation. The information included is a collection of documents, videos, emails, commercials, political cartoons, etc. It has not been checked for accuracy - the job it too tedious and time consuming for me to get to.

I agree with much of it but do not agree with all of it. I'm sure it will be the same for you but thought it was all worth sharing.
Please share this with as many people as you can before the November 6th election.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

How JFK was Really Killed....Chilling


It has been said by many observers, "What a strange coincidence that LBJ's family BIBLE just happened to have been brought to this function."  We will never know who the driver was and who had hired him.  SECRECY??!!!??

      The Secret Service Agent, Clint Hill, whose job was to protect Jackie Kennedy, was on  television recently and said Jackie was trying to retrieve a portion of the President’s skull when she was photographed climbing onto the back of the car.  I can’t vouch for the authenticity of this...I’m just forwarding what I received.    



Over last weekend I heard on the news that Jackie Kennedy always believed LBJ was the one responsible for JFK's death and her private papers were supposed to have been kept secret for 75 years. However, the Kennedy daughter has just decided to release the papers, early, over her deceased mother's desire for privacy. I wonder if she decided to release her mother's papers to coincide with the release of this video? I wish I know more about the attached who filmed it and where it has been all these years.
THIS is Jaw dropping!
Watch close......
I remember Lyndon Johnson saying on TV the day after the Kennedy assassination that the world would never know all the facts surrounding Kennedys killing for 75 years until the complete file of information would be revealed. I also remember Walter Cronkite announcing on TV, that the Nation could not handle the full truth in that Century. Well, only 47 years have passed since Kennedys assassination.
This is hard to fake and is very chilling....... Who was driving the limo?
This video shows the limousine chauffeur that takes President J.F.K. And his wife, November 22nd 1963 in Dallas , Texas , shooting the gun with his left hand. This was the video that the CIA did not show to the public view. And did you ask yourself why was Jackie trying to run away towards the trunk, away from the front of the car? And why was JFK’s skull wound in the front, when supposedly, Oswald was to have shot him from the back?
Watch the attached video